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Minnesota's alternative fuel options grew in 2016

Pexels / Special to The Forum

ST. PAUL—Alternative vehicle fuel options continued to rise in Minnesota last year.

The American Lung Association in Minnesota reported late last month that the state saw 35 new E85 stations, which offer gasoline blends with 85 percent ethanol, open in 2016. That's about double the number of new stations the previous year, bringing the state's total to more than 325.

The number of stations offering E15 gasoline blends also increased, and the state saw a growth in the biodiesel content of the diesel fuel it sold for the third consecutive year.

The association also reported the number of electric vehicles driving on Minnesota roads grew in 2016, along with more public charging stations for such vehicles.

More school districts are now using propane to power buses, and a compressed natural gas station opened in Lakeville last year, allowing buses and trucks powered by this fuel to refuel along the entire length of Interstate 94 in the state.

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