Two stores expanding this summer in Fargo's West Acres


FARGO—Two stores will get bigger this summer in Fargo's West Acres Shopping Center.

The mall, 3902 13th Ave. S., announced Thursday, May 4, that men's clothing retailer Halberstadt's ND will nearly double in size this summer. Halberstadt's will take over more than half of the space that was The Limited clothing store, which closed last December.

That expansion combined with its current footprint will give Halberstadt's a total of about 6,900 square feet for its store and allow for expanded product offerings.

"The news surrounding retail lately has painted a negative picture of brick and mortar businesses. However, we have experienced just the opposite," said Tim Halberstadt, owner of the retailer, in a written statement. "Our business is busier than ever, which led us to the decision to expand our current space in West Acres Mall."

Halberstadt's has had a store in the mall since 1991.

West Acres also announced that Lux Spa, a locally owned business currently in the mall's east end, will move this summer to the former Simply Mac store in the JCPenney wing. Simply Mac closed in January.

That move will boost Lux Spa's size by about 40 percent and allow the business to serve more customers. It also gives West Acres more flexibility to redevelop the east end of the mall, according to the announcement.

The current locations of Halberstadt's and Lux Spa will remain open during construction, with both set to open in their new or expanded spaces in the late summer.

The announcement comes as West Acres is starting work to redevelop the former Sears store, which closed in late March. Mall officials said earlier this week that the auto garage and loading dock will be removed to streamline the exterior of the building and prepare it for several new tenants.