Women's clothing chain Torrid opening Fargo store


FARGO—A retail chain that sells plus-size clothing for women and teenage girls will open a new store here next month.

Marv Greenberg with Dakota Commercial announced earlier this week that Torrid will open Nov. 21 in the TJ Maxx Plaza, 4340 13th Ave. SW. It will take over the spot where a Godfather's Pizza restaurant opened in 1989 and closed Jan. 1, 2017.

The chain, which was formerly owned by Hot Topic and still operates under the same parent company as that brand, launched in 2001 in California. It opened its first Canadian location in Toronto in August 2015 and had more than 400 stores in 36 American states by 2016, according to the news release.

Torrid already has two stores in North Dakota, one in Minot and another in Bismarck, as well as eight stores in Minnesota's Twin Cities region and locations in Rapid City and Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

The chain carries plus-size clothing and accessories in sizes 10 to 30 for women and teenage girls.