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Forum wins many awards from Minnesota Newspaper Association

Jack Zeleski of The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor1 / 5
Mike Nowatzki, Forum reporter David Samson / The Forum2 / 5
David Samson, photographer for The Forum, with first-place Minnesota Newspaper Association award for photo story Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor3 / 5
Jamie Hoyem, Forum advertisingDavid Samson / The Forum4 / 5
Meaghan Macdonald, The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor5 / 5

The Forum took home many awards during the recent Minnesota Newspaper Association 2017 Better Newspaper Contest.

The annual contest, which covered articles and issues published between September 2016 and September 2017, aims to recognize journalism and advertising excellence in the state.

The Forum competes in the largest daily circulation category.

The Forum won several newspaper-as-a-whole awards, including second place for general reporting and headline writing; and third place for use of photography as a whole, website, editorial portfolio and use of social media.

The Forum's individual first-place winners were:

Mike Nowatzki, social issues story

David Samson, feature photo

Jack Zaleski, Herman Roe Editorial Writing award

Meaghan MacDonald, use of informational graphics and graphic illustrations

Jamie Hoyem, self-promotion or house ad

The Forum's individual second-place winners were:

Tu-Uyen Tran, investigative reporting

Archie Ingersoll, government/public affairs reporting

Matthew Von Pinnon, explanation of news operations and newspaper ethics

Chris Murphy, sports story

Michael Vosburg, news photo

Dave Wallis, sports photo

David Samson, press photographer's portfolio

Archie Ingersoll and Chris Flynn, best use of video

The Forum's individual third-place winners were:

Helmut Schmidt, investigative reporting

Patrick Springer, human interest story

Dave Olson, social issues story

Amy Dalrymple, local breaking news coverage

Chelsey Engelhard Ewen, arts and entertainment story