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Home, pickup truck catch fire in south Fargo; plume of black smoke seen on skyline

Winner: Best Grocery Store 2017

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Moorhead, Minn., natives Chris VandeVelde, left, and his wife Olivia browse the selection of sports beverages at the new Hornbacher's grocery store in south Moorhead on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. Nick Wagner / The Forum2 / 2

Winner: Hornbacher's

Location: Corporate office & Osgood - 4151 45th St. S., Fargo; Northport - 2510 Broadway, Fargo; Southgate - 1532 32nd Ave. S., Fargo; Village West - 4101 13th Ave. S., Fargo; Moorhead - 101 11th St. S., Moorhead; Azool - 40th Ave. S., Moorhead; Express - 1433 S. University Dr., Fargo

What's your reaction to winning Best Grocery Store?

"It's very flattering," said Hornbacher's Foods President Matt Leiseth. "Every single day, we've got 1,200 employees doing their best to provide a very friendly, clean environment, and great quality and service in the stores. So it's very humbling to be recognized for all the team's hard work."

What makes Hornbacher's so special to your customers?

"Again, it's those 1,200 employees. They've been with us a long time, and they really connect with the community. They know their customers. They smile and recognize them by name. We've had many stories...where it's the third and fourth generation shopping with Hornbacher's, and they know the cashier who's been with us for decades or the gentleman behind the meat counter. I think that's really what sets us apart. It's that connection we have with our customers."

What's Hornbacher's item you personally can't live without?

"It would have to be our Peanut Butter Dipper cookies. It's a big peanut butter cookie halfway dipped in chocolate on one end. They're an absolutely wonderful combination of flavors and I absolutely cannot avoid them."

Second Place: Cash Wise

Third Place: Prairie Roots Food Co-op