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Winner: Best Florist 2017

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Winner: Hornbacher's Floral

Locations: 2510 Broadway, Fargo; 1532 32nd Ave. S., Fargo; 4151 45th St. S., Fargo; 4101 13th Ave. S., Fargo; 101 11th St. S., Moorhead; 950 40th Ave. S., Moorhead; (Hornbacher's Express, 1433 S. University Dr., also carries flowers, but there are no designers on site.)


What's your reaction to winning nine years in a row now?

"It's very humbling to be voted Best Florist," said Hornbacher's Foods President Matt Leiseth. "The real recognition goes to those wonderful people behind the counter. They are the ones behind the quality, they are fantastic designers. They're so good about finding out what the customer is looking for and how to address their needs. Whether it's a simple centerpiece or doing something for a wedding or a larger event, they can just do everything."


Does your floral department have any sort of specialty?

"I think what we're best known for--because we do everything from weddings to funerals, all of the big events to the small events--is adapting to what the customer needs at that moment. So it's really the ability to take a customer's desire, where people come in with an idea, maybe name a flower or a color, and then our designers take it from there. It's really a fun, collaborative effort."

What's your favorite flower?

"My wife's favorite flowers are tiger lilies and mine as well. They started out in our wedding flowers that Hornbacher's did, and it continues to be our favorite."

Second Place: Country Greenery

Third Place: Shotwell Floral Greenhouses