Myriad Mobile purchases Omaha-based iNet Solutions Group


FARGO—Myriad Mobile, a full-service mobile and web application development company headquartered in Fargo, has acquired iNet Solutions Group, an ag-focused technology company based in Omaha, Neb.

Jake Joraanstad, Myriad Mobile's CEO and co-founder, described the purchase as a way to further "bolster our offering for the ag space."

Myriad Mobile entered the ag sphere in May when it debuted Bushel, its mobile grain app platform. By integrating into a grain elevator's accounting system, the app provides growers with access to their contracts, scale tickets, prepays, cash bids, markets and more. It allows elevators and cooperatives to connect with and deliver real-time information to its growers.

Joraanstad said Bushel serves more than 180 grain elevators across the U.S. and Canada and is used by more than 5,000 growers. The acquisition of iNet Solutions Group will further boost the company's customer base.

Founded in 2004, iNet Solutions Group is known for its FarmCentric platform, which distributes cash bids, futures, weather, and ag news to customers via mobile websites and app platforms.

Vice President Dan Kuyper said FarmCentric currently serves more than three dozen grain companies, accounting for nearly 700 elevator locations.

"iNet really pioneered cloud-based technology in the agriculture space with the emerging of the internet and the capabilities that enabled," Joraanstad said. "They've built a talented team, strong customer base and an industry-leading web portal that complements our Bushel platform and strengthens the capabilities and product offering of both companies, presenting exponential benefits to our elevators, growers and the entire industry."

Joraanstad declined to disclose the deal's price tag.

iNet currently employs five engineers in Omaha. Those jobs will remain in Omaha under Kuyper's leadership. iNet will operate as a division of Myriad for the foreseeable future.

"Combining our teams will allow us to bring more resources to bear on projects, provide more innovation and leverage expertise in expanded domains," Kuyper said. "We are very excited about the benefits and opportunities this merger will provide for our current customers."

With the acquisition of iNet, Myriad Mobile has added 25 new positions in 2017, bringing its total number of employees to 60. Joraanstad said he expects continued strong growth in 2018.