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Neighbors: Moorhead Spuds nickname dates back further than you might expect

Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist

Questions continue to come up about the Moorhead High School Spuds and how and when they got that nickname.

After a column about this ran a while ago, Neighbors received a note from Beth Dille, Moorhead.

Beth is the wife of the late Roland Dille, who was president of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

The previous column about the Spuds included a note from Wayne Ingersoll, Moorhead, who said he has a 1923 Moorhead High yearbook which refers to the school's football team as the Spuds.

Beth says she owns several issues of Moorhead High's Cho-Kios, going back to 1915.

"There is no mention of Spuds in it," she writes. "Therefore, the name must have come about somewhere between 1915 and 1923, when the yearbook Wayne mentions came out."

In any event, Beth says, "I love reading about 'old Moorhead.'" Anyhow, a couple of years later, the 1925 Moorhead High yearbook came out, and Mike "Dino" Peterson writes that it mentions the school newspaper, which was named The Spudette.

Dino says that yearbook calls the boys' teams the Spuds and the girls' teams the Spudettes.

By the way, Dino adds, "What I found very interesting was the yearbook not only contained information about the freshman through senior classes but also the seventh- and eighth-grade classes."

Mike grew up in Fargo and his wife Judy grew up in Moorhead. They now live in Las Vegas.

And then here's word from Ron Fredrickson, Roseville, Calif., who writes, "I recall when Fargo Central High School was having a pep rally prior to playing the Moorhead Spuds, one of our chants was 'Mash those Spuds!'"

Neighbors hasn't learned whether they did or not.

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