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11-year-old raises breast cancer awareness through hot dog stand

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GRAND FORKS — It's around noon and several cars have already driven past Matalyn Brantl's hot dog stand.

Despite the lack of interest from some drivers — Matalyn's dedication doesn't waver.

She'll stand on the curb for hours before heading in for the night.

Because she knows exactly who she's fighting for.

"I'm doing this donation because my mom had breast cancer and she was one of the women who fell through the cracks," 11-year-old Matalyn Brantl said.

A few years ago, Matalyn's mom — Amanda — was diagnosed.

Like many with the disease, Amanda struggled to keep up with everything.

"When you're going through that, you're not working and there's kids to take care and there's bills to pay and there's the 'I feel horrible, I look horrible, who's going to take care of me?' " Amanda said.

Amanda said it was her 11-year-old daughter who came to the rescue.

"My daughter was my saving grace, she was my nurse, she changed me, bathed me, washed my hair — she went through the worst part of it with me," she said.

Through it all, Matalyn stayed strong.

"It was sad that she could possibly pass any day, but I wanted to stay strong for her," Matalyn said.

Now that her mom is better, Matalyn hopes to help others who are going through the same thing.

All the money she makes goes toward a family in Grand Forks dealing with breast cancer.

They use it to buy clothes, makeup and small necessities.

She said helping people like her mom make it worth the long hours.

"It feels great — like now I have this feeling of ... I don't know what that feeling is, but it feels awesome to help people," she said.

Matalyn said she had about a dozen cars stop at the stand today.

She plans on going back out again in a few weeks.