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Sleep Pillow offers more than 70 soothing sounds to help users drift off. Special to The Forum

AppSnap: White-noise app helps user sleep on vacation

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FARGO – Ever since I was a child, I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of clothes tumbling in a dryer, a fan blowing a breeze or a TV that’s barely audible. I cannot fall asleep in silence.


On a recent vacation, I had to adjust my reliance on white noise since I was rooming with my sister, and she didn’t appreciate the glare of the TV.

I downloaded the Sleep Pillow app in iTunes for $1.99 because it promised to be the “most effective and highest quality sleep app.”

With more than 70 soothing sounds like different fans (my favorite), a cat purring, the ocean, a thunderstorm, rain falling on a tent, a crackling fire and many more, there’s bound to be a sound that soothes everyone’s soul.

The volume is adjustable, and I’m able to create mixes for a custom sleep experience. The app also has a sleep timer. Be sure your phone is plugged in though, as it will drain power.

Bottom line: The comforting sounds it provides were worth $1.99, and I fell asleep faster than usual.