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Backyard bliss: Spa store joins other businesses for total backyard experience

Rod Glover recently opened Marquis Spas to complement his other ventures; Christmas Decor, Backyard Adventures and Paramount Outdoor Lighting and Landscaping in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Fargo - With the addition of a Marquis Spa dealership, Rod Glover is one step closer to providing homeowners the ultimate backyard experience.

Glover is also owner of a Christmas Décor franchise, a Backyard Adventures dealership, as well as Paramount Lighting and Landscaping. All three do business under the corporate name of Bright Ideas.

“We’re trying to grow our business into a full backyard service,” said Glover.

It all began with the purchase of Christmas Décor, a residential and commercial holiday decorating franchise, in 1999. It continues to serve as the flagship of the company, serving hundreds of clients each season.

Glover started the landscape lighting company soon after to supplement the seasonal Christmas Décor business. Eleven years ago, he purchased backyard play set dealership Backyard Adventures.

This year, he added landscaping services and the Marquis Spa dealership.

Glover said the landscaping services evolved at the request of his customers.

He said often when he and his crew were installing outdoor lighting or Christmas lights that clients would ask them about getting other work done. Rather than continue to refer these clients to another company, Glover decided it was time to do the work themselves.

“We’ve done landscaping for the play sets for years, but we’d never had a hardscape crew until now. Hardscape is your patio pavers, retaining walls, fire pits and stuff like that,” Glover said.

Once he started making landscaping hires, he realized he had the knowledge in house to install hot tubs.

He started asking around and found that sales for hot tubs in this area are very good, so Glover realized they would be a perfect addition to his business.

Glover said Marquis has hot tubs for customers interested in relaxation, connection or therapy purposes.

“There are spas that are designed for one or all of those things,” said Glover. “Basically, there are endless options on spas these days, too.”

Examples are video and audio systems, Wi-Fi, lighting packages and a line of what they refer to as “environments,” which include the furniture and décor surrounding the hot tub.