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Fergus Falls police say woman who reported being threatened may have been hallucinating

Witnesses who spoke with the woman before the standoff told police she “was experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations,” police said.

The woman called police about 11:50 a.m. Wednesday claiming that someone assaulted her child and a man was in her home with a gun. A SWAT team surrounded her home, at 103 E. Summit Ave. for an hour to an hour and a half before she came out with her child and both were taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

Police said they searched the residence and did not find a man with a gun or any evidence of an assault, but did find what they believed to be controlled substances.

The woman had a record of calling police with good reason. In July, police responded to her report of a man with a gun in her home and arrested a man and seized a firearm. Police responded to her address on other occasions as well, and none were examples of “delusional episodes,” the release stated.

Police have forwarded the matter to the Otter Tail County attorney for consideration in criminal or family court, and the woman’s child is in the care of local social services.

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