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Letter: Administration grasps lessons

In his opinion column a few days ago, Cal Thomas used Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address to smear President Barack Obama’s policy in Iraq.

In 2003, despite a warning by George H.W. Bush of a probable “quagmire” in Iraq, the George W. Bush administration chose to attack Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s regime was quickly overthrown, but the Bush Pentagon bungled the aftermath and chose to dismantle Saddam’s government, totally dissolving his army, police and civil service. This action guaranteed a large insurgency, and the great bulk of American casualties occurred during the eight years we battled the Iraqi insurgents while trying to buy other Iraqis time to cobble together a viable government.

Although the actions of U.S. military troops in Iraq were mostly heroic and well-intentioned, they could not alter the fact they were a foreign invasion force, killing Iraqis, and trying to “spread democracy at the point of a gun.” The obvious lesson, which the United States should have learned from Vietnam, is that a large portion of the people of any sovereign country are willing to fight and die to evict a foreign invader.

Hussein was never a bona fide threat our country. What a pleasure it is to have a president and administration who understand the lessons learned in our military misadventure in Iraq and who choose to act with caution and forethought.