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Letter: Appreciate work of West Fargo PD

I  would like to express my gratitude and extend a thank-you to the police officers of the West Fargo Police Department for their actions on the morning of July 30.

According to an article published in The Forum dated July 31, a man was in custody after ramming a police car and then fleeing on foot. The suspect was later found to have in his possession a loaded firearm and a bolt cutter. One can only surmise what this individual had planned to do with these items at 1:30 in the morning.

Thanks to the proactive policing of the West Fargo Police Department, a traffic stop was initiated that eventually resulted in the arrest of this suspect. Let this be a reminder to all residents that those men and women who wear the blue uniform aren’t there to just write you a speeding ticket or “harass” you over a parking complaint. They are policing our streets to rid the community of these criminals and protect you while you sleep safely at night.

No, I am not a member of any local police department, just a grateful citizen.