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Letter: Ashamed of council’s vote

I was incredibly disappointed to see the Moorhead City Council’s decision to oppose Churches United’s proposed apartment complex for the homeless. This decision was one made by convenience rather than the decision to use the authority of the council to make the community a better place. When our local politicians do what is politically comfortable rather than what is right, they turn their backs on the community.

Moorhead is not just comprised of middle-class families in comfortable housing. We have a very real need for assistance housing, as our homeless population has only increased in recent years. According to the Wilder Report on Fargo-Moorhead homelessness, almost 900 members of our community were homeless in 2012, of which 17 percent were children.

By choosing to oppose this housing initiative, our city council has determined that the comfort of the voting middle class is far more important than providing basic amenities for our most underrepresented population. Our community should be one of compassion and concern, not one in which we turn our backs on our fellow citizens.

Unfortunately, this most recent vote is a step backward for our community, and I am ashamed of it.