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Letter: A better effort from Rep. Cramer

As the song says, we work hard for our money. And as taxpayers, we expect our elected officials to work hard for our money, as well. So, when our congressman decides that he will pick and choose which legislation that is before him in the House he’s going to vote on, that’s wrong.

I know I want our congressman to be voting on every issue; that’s what he gets paid to do. And the reason I want him to vote on every issue is I want to know how he stands on all the issues, not just the ones that are close calls, or, maybe one on which he doesn’t want to vote.

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., may have a history of deciding how hard he should be working. And it’s possible that his work ethic may not have changed much. After all, who can forget his first appointment as state director of tourism. Two years after that appointment, the results of a national study showed North Dakota in last place. My recollection of Cramer’s response was that it was time to get to work.

I was hoping Cramer, as a freshman congressman, would have put in a little better effort. I think we all expect more from our lone congressman in the House, but maybe my bar is too high for Cramer. Unfortunately, those same words still hold true. It’s time to get to work.