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Letter: Bible reference totally illogical

Michael Ross, in his letter to the editor in the July 31 Forum, attempted to make an argument that because the Bible (which Bible he doesn’t specify, as there is more than one version) does not specifically ban same-sex marriage and that this means that it should not be allowed. Now, moving beyond his complete and totally lack of logic, I would like to point out a fact that Ross should be aware of, if he is going to talk about marriage in the United States.

The United States was founded as, and continues to be, a secular nation-state. The Founders of the Republic, the people who wrote the Constitution, established a wall of separation between the state and religion. This was done to protect not only the state from religion but also to defend religion from intrusions by the state.

How this affects marriage today is that we have two accepted marriage ceremonies. First is holy matrimony. This is the ceremony that a couple goes through if they choose to get married in a church. Second is the actual marriage, which consists of signing a witnessed marriage contract.

Marriage itself is a legal, not religious, contract between two consenting parties. Two atheists can go to the courthouse and get married if they want to, for example. Whether a couple also decides to make it a religious event is an option.

Supporters of gay marriage in no way want to force religious bodies to change their practices of holy matrimony. However, if two consenting adults (regardless of their gender) want to enter into a agreeing contract, then they should be allowed to under our secular laws.