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Letter: Big-money special interests own 7th District’s Peterson

Why is Rep. Colin Peterson, D-Minn., running for Congress again? To serve the interests of folks living in the state of Minnesota’s 7th District? Think again.

According to Opensecrets.Org, the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, D.C., who tracks precise campaign donations and spending, in 2014 progressive labor unions across the nation have awarded Peterson $104,000 to represent their interests and mishmash Obamacare exemptions.

Other progressive liberal groups have planted $91,000 into his coffers to insure he does what Nancy Pelosi tells him to do. National Dairy Interests from California to Texas have pumped $70,300 towards his re-election while Minnesota Dairy suffers and slowly keeps disappearing (your milk prices tell that story).

Liberal leadership PACs have shelled out to Peterson $65,000. National Building Trade Unions have so far given Peterson $37,000 to protect their exemption to Obamacare. Monsanto alone has floated $25,000 to Peterson. Public sector unions have also insured their representation planting $37,500 into Peterson’s pockets.

Electric utilities have handed over $33,000 to insure their interests. The National Cotton Council have also paid out $13,500 for their interests. Lawyers, insurance and commercial banks together have bought his favor with a combined $60,400. National accountants have furnished Peterson with $28,000 to cover their interests. Even the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has their hands in Peterson’s pockets, bestowing $10,000. Lobbyists from the CME Group have given him $15,000 so far for his cooperation.

And here you thought Peterson represented your interests in the halls of Congress. Take a good look, take a long, hard look. Peterson is bought and paid for by outstate money and big-time progressive interests.

I think we need a new Congressman who will represent us, the people of the 7th Congressional District. We need Torrey Westrom in Congress. We need a U.S. congressman who will represent us, the people who live right here – not New York labor unions and their progressive PACs, not someone who is paid for by Chicago interests or upscale California dairies or Texans looking for a handout. I’m voting for Republican Westrom.