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Letter: 'Brilliant' choice by the chamber

So the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce chose a career opponent of health care reform to keynote its so-called “health care summit.” Brilliant choice, Chamber dudes! The Forum’s news story credits Betsy McCaughey as the author of two of the most potent and dishonest lies about the Affordable Health Care Act: those imaginary “death panels” and the slogan “pulling the plug on Grandma.” Among her other proud accomplishments is helping derail the conversation on health care reform during the Clinton years.

She was clearly a wonderful headliner for a conference focusing on health care in our community – since our biggest and, apparently, most urgent problem is the potential for more people to be able to take advantage of it.

While I know summit attendees are busy in their little slice of heaven with deliberations on how to prevent sick people from being treated, I’d recommend a bit of supplementary reading: “The Doctor Will Gouge You Now” in the current issue of Newsweek and last summer’s blockbuster “Bitter Pill” investigative report in Time magazine.