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Letter: Broad language mandates a ‘no’

Measure 1 needs to be defeated because of its broad language.

When it comes to law, generally what is important is what the law says, not its intent. If a reasonable person can interpret this measure as affecting end-of-life decisions, then the measure is too broad and needs to be reworded to avoid a possible and costly court conflict. As of now, judging by the discussions the measure is generating, reasonable people have interpreted this law in such a way as to feel it will affect end-of-life care.

If this measure passes, it will end up in court because existing laws will conflict with interpretations that say it affects end-of-life care. This will cost North Dakota a lot of money to defend a measure that could have been written specifically for fetuses by saying, “The inalienable right to life of every human being from conception to birth must be recognized and protected.”

The writers of the measure chose broad, over-specific language, and this raises too many concerns. For this reason, Measure 1 needs to be defeated.