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Letter: The comparison is not biblical

Religious homosexuals like to point out that nowhere does the Bible condemn gay “marriage.” In this they are correct. The Scriptures do not condemn same-sex “marriage” for the same reason they do not condemn “marriage” between a man and a tree. A man and a tree are not a marriage. Neither are two men or two women.

Gay activists constantly remind us that interracial marriage was at one time outlawed and interracial couples persecuted. Gays are now struggling for marital equality just as interracial couples once did. 

The Bible does not condemn interracial marriage for the same reason, there is no such thing. God and the Bible recognize only one race, Adam’s race, the human race.

“And he hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:26).

To keep them spiritually pure, he attempted to keep them racially pure, though there was nothing racial about it.

In the New Testament, it would translate into Christians marrying nonbelievers.

For gays to compare their struggle with interracial marriage is disingenuous, mendacious and ludicrous.

God’s one and only intent for marriage is one man to one woman “until death do us part.”