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Letter: Critic of AARP short on his facts

On June 27, a letter to the editor expressed the opinion that AARP lost credibility by supporting the “Obamacare mess.” Earl Strinden went into detail explaining how a World War II veteran had been mistreated when admitted for emergency care.

Apparently Strinden is not a member of AARP. I am an active member and wish to inform him that for some time, our organization has been notifying members about the problems that occur when being coded for observation when seeking medical care. The Medicare Benefit Policy imposed those restrictions in 2007, and hospitals throughout the country have increasingly classified Medicare beneficiaries as observation patients instead of admitting them. This is not a new problem and not created or defended by AARP.

Because seniors often have questions relating to health and hospital care, an information and discussion forum will be held Sept. 17 at the monthly AARP meeting at the Hjemkomst. Please attend.

Warren is president, local AARP chapter in Minnesota.