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Letter: Discussion gets disrespectful

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and there has been no lack of coverage of those who do not support the recent developments on Fargo’s South Eighth Street – but publicly calling someone’s home “ugly” and suggesting it be torn down is disrespectful at best. As a resident of the surrounding neighborhood, I’m thankful there are still those who find our historic neighborhoods worth investing in, whether it’s through preservation or redevelopment when necessary.

If you don’t like new development in our older neighborhoods, work toward establishing a sustainable framework for what future development should look like. Most importantly, take care of the wonderful homes we already have, so they don’t deteriorate to a state that is no longer practical to restore. It’s also important to recognize that not every home will please everyone, but that doesn’t give you free rein to disparage their home publicly.

Let’s stop finger-pointing and start making constructive contributions for the sake of creating better neighborhoods, and being better neighbors.