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Letter: Great progress at the horse park

Have you visited the North Dakota Horse Park lately and witnessed the transformation in progress? This venue has potential like no other, and Mike Schmitz, the race track’s new general manager, has a vision and is working his tail-end off to utilize what this facility has to offer.

In the past, “cheap” has been the name of this game, but it is obvious with the horse park that investing a little money goes a long way to pull up a facility such as this and send it across the finish line.

If horse racing isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for something to do with the family, this is the place to go. There is room for the kids to run around, have fun searching for silver in the sandbox, picking their favorite horses, and people watching.

There is so much potential for area businesses to benefit from the additional traffic the track brings to Fargo. This hidden gem could truly become as big as Canterbury Park in Shakopee (Minn.) if the North Dakota Racing Commission is future bound.

The track’s race to glory won’t happen overnight, but Schmitz has given this park the speed and direction it needs to head that way.