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Letter: Homeless cartoon was very offensive

I  found the cartoon in the Sunday, July 20, Forum Opinion section comparing the Churches United housing issue to the burden of sin Christ bore for us as he was bearing his cross extremely offensive, especially since The Forum opinion editors described the issue in an editorial as “vacuous” (which refers to having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless).

Helping the homeless is not an issue anyone should be taking sides over; however, the concerns of the community need to be considered and addressed. Would you want to live in a neighborhood unwelcoming to your apartment building or would you rather live where there has been open dialogue, answered questions, and a community effort to do what is best for everyone?

If the funding goes through for this housing, I hope Churches United will work with the neighborhood to honestly address our concerns and include us so we can feel comfortable with our new neighbors and they with us. This does not seem to be happening at this point. Instead, there seems to be more of an effort to create an emotional backlash toward the Pine View and Arbor Park neighborhood.

It saddens me to read and hear the comments being made about me and my neighbors without the equal opportunity for our concerns to be expressed in an unbiased, nonconfrontational manner. Instead, our only voice has been excerpts from emotionally charged City Council meetings or a community meeting surrounded by local news cameras and clergy, where statements can easily be taken out of context.