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Letter: Knodel convicted in news media

The problem with our society is that we have become a country of skeptics and a people willing to believe the worst about people and not the best. It’s all over the local news about a local teacher who has been charged but not convicted of a crime. The news by virtue of its reporting has already convicted this person. The superintendent by wanting to put him on unpaid leave has convicted him. Our community by virtue of its talk and thought process has convicted him, but he has not been convicted and is not guilty until done so and even then there will always be a doubt.

The sad part of this story is that his teaching career is over whether he is guilty or not. There will always be a doubt in some minds whether justified or not.

Aaron Knodel was my daughter’s speech coach in high school. He coached her and supported her throughout her speech career and helped give her the skills needed to win Miss North Dakota and go on to compete at Miss America. He has always been nothing but a stellar role model and in her own words this weekend a “moral compass.” It would be such a shame to lose a good teacher when there are still employed bad ones out there.

There are two sides to every story and unfortunately we have only gotten to hear one side. Whatever happens and however this plays out, I thank Knodel for the role he played in my daughter’s life.

Meanwhile, to Superintendant David Flowers, remember that Knodel is still innocent until proven otherwise and at least don’t take away his livelihood until such time as there is a degree of finality to this situation. The West Fargo School District has spent money a lot more foolishly than this.