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Letter: Measure 1 worst possible option for North Dakota

I must respond to the misleading claims made by Judy Stahl in her opinion piece, “Let’s be clear about Measure 1,” in the July 7 Forum.

Stahl attempted to wash over the many disastrous effects, that if passed, Measure 1 would inflict upon North Dakotans. Stahl began by stating that “Measure 1 itself does not make law but instead gives standards to which any laws passed by the Legislature must conform.” This was a gross misunderstanding of constitutional law.

The North Dakota Constitution is the basis for all laws in North Dakota. It would supersede any law that has been passed regarding human life.

Stahl claimed that this would protect North Dakotans from activist judges. History shows us that an activist judge is a label applied to a jurist who wants to make sure everyone has the rights detailed in the U.S. Constitution. Activist judges are those judges who ended segregation, voter discrimination, and gave women their rights under the U.S. Constitution – just to name a few. Or was she talking about the activist judges who recently decided that your boss has the right to make health care decisions for their female employees?

Next, Stahl claimed that Measure 1 would not affect end-of-life decisions. She could not have been any more wrong in her assessment. If a person were to have a living will that specifically stated that after a certain point they did not want resuscitative actions done to them, Measure 1 would force their doctor to perform these actions because failure to do so would be a direct violation of Measure 1.

Let us be 100 percent clear about this: If Measure 1 passes, the government will be involved in your health care decisions from the moment the egg is fertilized until you are in the twilight of your days, with only the wish to peacefully meet your creator.

Measure 1 is so intrusive that if you are a woman who is pregnant, and you suffer the horrible misfortune of a miscarriage, the police will be forced to investigate the miscarriage to make sure you are not “guilty” of causing it.

Measure 1 represents the most dangerous piece of legislation ever purposed in North Dakota, and represents everything we North Dakotans are against.