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Letter: Much misinformation about ND Measure 1

Measure 1 would not prohibit do-not-resuscitate orders. End-of-life issues, like the strained examples mentioned in recent letters, are being put forward by opponents of Measure 1 to scare people into voting “no.”

Measure 1 simply documents and make clear a right already in North Dakota’s constitution. It’s like our nation’s Bill of Rights, which documents and makes clear the intentions of the U.S. Constitution. For example, citizens have a “right to bear arms.” It doesn’t mean they must have guns. But they can if they wish.

Another example is the right to free speech. The “right” doesn’t force you to share your opinion, but you can if you wish. It’s your right; it’s your decision.

In like manner, having an “inalienable right to life” spelled out in the state constitution doesn’t mean that you must live. It means it is your right to decide, not someone else’s. It’s a protection, not an imposition.