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Letter: ND Measure 1 does not add up

When it comes to Measure 1, things just don’t add up. According to an article in recent news, we’ll soon find in our mailboxes a “white paper,” which claims to not express “an opinion in favor or against the proposed amendment” but which has been completely assembled and distributed by North Dakota Choose Life – an organization in clear support of the amendment.

Why would an organization fighting to pass Measure 1 spend thousands to send a mailing to North Dakota churches and voters if the white paper didn’t intentionally support their cause? They wouldn’t.

The white paper states that the “passage of the amendment will not impact health care decisions.” It says Measure 1 is only intended to clarify abortion laws already on the books. Then why wasn’t that clearly written in the amendment? Measure 1 reads, “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” Nowhere in this vague amendment does it say Measure 1 is just about abortion.

North Dakota Right to Life Chairman John Trandem is quoted in a broadcast interview: “This doesn’t pertain only to abortion; this pertains to every living human being.” Which is it? Will Measure 1 impact more than abortion laws or not? Even supporters of Measure 1 can’t seem to agree.

I don’t want an amendment permanently added to our constitution that causes so much confusion, which is why I’m voting “no” on Measure 1.

Deeg is senior pastor, United Church of Christ, Bismarck.