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Letter: Opinion on gay marriage disingenuous and flawed

In response to the letter written by Michael Ross, printed in the July 30 Forum:

The common theme was what he feels is a disingenuous comparison the gay community makes – equating the challenges they face today to those faced by interracial couples (who also fought for their coupling to be legally recognized) and how the Bible supports his opinion, which he excellently presents as fact.

First, the homosexual community responds to the lack of reference to homosexual marriage only when it’s presented as a reason for which their marriage should not be justifiable. I vehemently disagree with his opinion.

I am puzzled as to how Ross can categorize a legitimate right that a community of human beings are fighting (desperately) for as disingenuous. Ross, with an incredible amount of glibness, credits the homosexual community for pointing out that the Bible doesn’t explicitly say anything regarding homosexual marriage, then sneakily points out the Bible also says nothing regarding the marriage of man and a tree.

From my perspective, Ross categorically displays his own disingenuousness by making this comparison. I think we can all agree a human being is not a tree. Last I checked, trees can’t think, reason, feel love, and most certainly aren’t fighting for basic human rights – the homosexual community is (please take note of the word “human”).

At its most basic premise, homosexuals are fighting to be recognized as married at a state and federal level for several reasons, the most important of which is they simply want to be treated as human beings and no differently than heterosexual couples. Homosexuals shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to be married based on the Bible, the Quran, the Talmud, or Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (if you’re so inclined) – this is the premise behind the separation of church and state and needs to be enforced and supported.

Recognizing homosexual marriage as legitimate is not only the right thing to do as a state and country but the right thing to do as human beings. These are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, cousins and on – they are our family.