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Letter: Pipeline concern not NIMBY issue

The controversy about a proposed pipeline route in the Mississippi headwaters and lake country is a not a parochial, NIMBY issue. The people who are fighting this route are fighting for every family that vacations “up north,” any grandmother who hopes her great-grandchildren will still swim in clean lakes, and the millions of downstream residents who rely on the Mississippi for drinking water.

Oil and water don’t mix. After spilling a million gallons into Michigan’s rivers, you’d think Enbridge might understand that. But this Canadian conglomerate (recently cited by the federal government for its egregious integrity, inspection, and infrastructure issues) has requested a route for two huge pipelines through the Mississippi headwaters; wild rice beds; sandy soils; shallow, vulnerable aquifers; and some of Minnesota’s cleanest lakes.

This is a concern for every Minnesotan who cares about clean water. The MPCA has weighed in, suggesting safer, more southern routes, but Enbridge is still insisting on their expedient route through lake country.

A corporation’s preference for a quick route and inflated profits is not a PUC siting criteria; it shouldn’t be a consideration. What matters is clean Minnesota water, a significant part of our state’s heritage and Minnesota’s national identity.

Please convey to your legislators and state agencies (MPCA, DNR, DOC) that you care about this issue, that you want this pipeline route to avoid Minnesota lake country and the Mississippi headwaters.