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Letter: Protect quality of ND life

‘Why do you put up with the weather in North Dakota when there are so many better places to live?” That is a question I have heard many times since I moved to this great state nearly 40 years ago.

My answer has always been the same. “We have outdoor recreation opportunities here that don’t exist in other places. We have a quality of life in North Dakota that can’t be matched, especially if you love the outdoors.”

And that has been true up until now. But the North Dakota we love is changing dramatically, and the changes are not all good. We often hear politicians say, “We face the challenges of prosperity” and our collective opportunity to proactively deal with these challenges lies in the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. The measure uses a small portion of existing dollars from oil and gas production without raising taxes. Money from this amendment conserves the North Dakota way of life for all it residents.

This measure gives every resident the assurance that what we have come to know and love about North Dakota will be here for many generations to come. This isn’t just about the future of hunting, fishing and camping. The CWWP amendment will provide funding that will protect and conserve one of our most precious resources – clean water.

We have an abundance of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and reservoirs that provide many benefits, including water for animals, both wild and domestic and, as importantly, water for people. We can act now to keep those water sources in good condition by using CWWP funding to protect and conserve them.

We all know how important water is for life. The CWWP amendment will provide funds to help all of our residents develop and implement strategies that will keep our precious water resources clean.