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Letter: A realistic perspective on NDSU Bison football

It’s amazing to me how things so obvious are not noticed by everyday observances. The Forum talks about the loss of 23 players from Bison football’s third-straight FCS title of a year ago, and yet none of the media outlets report the truth.

The truth is as follows: FCS football is so inferior on a national level that none of the teams, other than the teams of the Missouri Valley Conference, can hold a candle to the competition that North Dakota State University had during its days in Division II football.

That’s why the Bison made the move to 1-AA (now FCS), because it recognized way back then how mediocre 1-AA football was, compared to D-II at that time.

So because of that, I say if the Bison can win another title in the Missouri Valley, their only source of competition in the nation, they will also win another national title.

And that will continue until Bubba Schweigert can built University of North Dakota into a national title contender, and challenge NDSU for FCS supremacy. It’s something that will happen, and it’s something NDSU fans fear the most.