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Letter: Time for change on state’s PSC

I don’t know what makes me angrier: the news this week that another pipeline has spilled – this time one million gallons of salt water, which by any standards is a disaster as it has gone into the Missouri River affecting the drinking supply of hundreds of people – or, that we have a group of Public Service commissioners who sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing while this has become the summer of spills.

It is past time to replace the failed leadership of Public Service Commissioners Brian Kalk and Judy Fedorchak with the bold leadership of Tyler Axness and Todd Reisenauer.

Reisenauer and Axness have come out with bold, effective proposals. They recognize that as we continue to pump record amounts of oil, we also need to protect the health and safety of our people. They are proposing the elimination of costly and ineffective bureaucracies with a single point of contact when these kinds of disasters occur. Through their Verification of the Integrity of Pipelines, they first of all propose that we find out where all these pipelines exist.

November cannot come soon enough. Weekly disastrous pipeline spills demands action now, not more of the present failed leadership.

I will vote for Axness and Reisenauer for the North Dakota Public Service Commission.