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Letter: UN seems absent in Iraq tragedy

I am writing about the awful conditions being suffered by Christians in Iraq: 200,000 Christians and other minorities have fled their home and escaped to a mountaintop to escape genocide. I am grateful the United States has stepped up to bring food and water to these refugees.

My question is; Where is the United Nations? There are wars going on in Iraq, Israel, Gaza and the Ukraine. The U.N. is nowhere to be found in trying to help or solve these conflicts.

I believe it is time for the United States to withdraw from the U.N. and stop paying its dues. Even when the U.N. does vote on a problem, it can be shut down in the blink of an eye by a veto from China or Russia. It only takes one veto to stop humanitarian aid. How sad is that?

I am a Christian and my heart breaks for Martyna Ysusif, who wrote in The Forum on Wednesday, Aug. 13. She is from Iraq and is watching her Christian friends in Iraq being slaughtered by ISIS just for being Christians.

I hope all Christians step up and write to the U.N. and tell then to help stop this genocide and fight ISIS. Also dig deep into your pocketbooks and give to your church to send relief money to these Christians in Iraq. We cannot just stand by and watch, as someday ISIS gets so strong it just could happen here in the United States. If that happens, God help us all.