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Letter: We're all in this as a community

Loren Mellum’s commentary, July 17, invites public support for Churches United for the Homeless housing project. My church, St. John Lutheran, takes part in sheltering the homeless in cold weather. I discovered that most are educated, many have jobs and some have cars. All have cellphones; well, why not.

One man said, “I’m glad you have food here. Missed dinner when I went to the gym.” I pondered: He went to the gym, he’s just like us. Oops, note to self, don’t do the “us-and-them” thing. Not good.

The project in question is not a shelter; it’s a place to live. My spouse heard a man say, “I’m not homeless. I have a home. I’m house less.” Brilliant.

This mirrors what Sheri McMahon’s July 28 letter said, “When people have their own place to live, are they still homeless?” What a concept!

By the way, the folks who came to our church were polite and thankful. We’re all in this together as a community to provide help to those who need it. As we say at St. John, “God’s Work, Our Hands.”