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Letter: When you don't vote, those who do win

Voting in a constitutional republic such as the United States is a privilege but not required of its citizens. You are not fined or imprisoned for choosing to stay home, rather than pull a lever in a booth or mark some boxes with an X. But stay-homers often help determine election results.

If you oppose same-sex marriage but do not vote against it, they win.

If you favor a smaller federal government but stay home on Election Day, you have no basis for complaining about the pro-big-government liberals who have gone wild the past five years.

If you are rabid in your opposition to an unconstitutional federal income tax that confiscates 40 percent of your income – taking from the nonsubsidized “haves” and distributing those dollars to the dependent “have-nots” – but do not vote your conscience, your stay-at-home no-vote assures your opponent success.

Where will you be on Aug. 12 and Nov. 4?