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Letter: Why publish big-city editorial?

Why does The Forum continue to publish very unfactual editorials from other newspapers? Example: July 19, Chicago Tribune about renewable fuels. Either you are clueless or have a hidden agenda.

Looking into this editorial, it mentions government subsidies to ethanol manufacturers. That’s false.

The U.S. House and Senate eliminated all subsidies to ethanol producers. Why? Could it be that many politicians take huge campaign contributions from big oil companies because BIG OIL doesn’t like losing market share to ethanol? Understand that BIG OIL, not your local gas station, hates the Renewable Fuel Standard because by law they are required to blend a certain amount of ethanol with gasoline.

The RFS was put in place years ago for good reason, namely to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and become more energy self-sufficient, to reduce pollution, to create economic opportunity and strengthen our national security while allowing agriculture another market for surplus production.

The article also mentions that 40 percent of the corn crop gets burned up in gas tanks. False again. In the ethanol manufacturing process, only part of the corn kernel produces ethanol and what remains becomes a high quality livestock feed product known as distillers grain.

Suggesting that ethanol will somehow raise the price of gas at the pump is absurd. It’s easy to see that at gas stations that have blender pumps, the higher the ethanol blend the lower the price per gallon.

That’s simply because on average ethanol has been significantly cheaper and most likely will continue to be less costly than unleaded gasoline. And if BIG OIL would allow blender pumps at all gas stations, the consumer could benefit by being able to choose the fuel they want.

In summary, ethanol has many benefits, it will not blow up your engine as some will have you believe, it’s good for our country, not the Middle East, and it sure puts The Forum’s printing of cockeyed articles from big city newspapers to shame.