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Letter: Wonderful time at Bakken Rocks

If you have never been to the Bakken Rocks CookFest, be sure to attend next year. It’s an absolutely wonderful event!

The energy industry rolled out the red carpet, or, in their case, wooden rig mats, and entertained the crowd with great food, gifts and energy. Workers from companies large and small served an incredible amount of food with energy and flair that made the event so much fun. More than that, they showed that the industry is made up of people and companies that are committed community members.

My daughter, Quintana, who performed at the Dunn Center CookFest, has performed at many events this summer and just like those local event organizers, the organizers of CookFest stand out for their support of her career. Their encouragement meant a lot to her as she makes the bold move to turn her talent into a profession.

Thank you to the North Dakota Petroleum Council, Marathon Oil Co., and Dunn Center City Council, local residents, and Darryl and Rene Dukart for all you did to organize and promote CookFest. 

Your effort to reach out to the community impressed this long-time Dunn County resident and mother.