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Letter: Work together for a better ND

It’s a great time to be a North Dakotan. In metrics ranging from economic growth to the “happiness” of our populace, we consistently rank higher than any other state. North Dakota is the envy of the nation.

But how long can this continue? In 20 years, will we reminisce about the current period as the start of North Dakota’s long-term revival, or discuss it nostalgically as the “good old days”?

The answers to these questions could very well be determined by the legislation passed in the next legislative session. We have an obligation to future generations to make smart investments that will pay dividends for decades to come, and a great place to start is education.

There’s no reason that we shouldn’t enter into the next legislative session with the goal of making North Dakota’s system of education, from pre-K through higher ed, the best in the nation. Let’s bring our state’s educators to Bismarck and truly listen to their ideas for enhancing education. Let’s bring the nation’s foremost experts to North Dakota and get their recommendations on the right steps forward. Let’s bring Republicans and Democrats together to work pragmatically toward the solutions that are right for the people of today and the children of the future.

The writers are the Republican candidates for the North Dakota Legislature in District 21.