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North Dakota to hold a limited pronghorn season

BISMARCK – North Dakota will have a limited pronghorn hunting season this fall for the first time since 2009.

Randy Kreil, wildlife chief for the North Dakota State Game and Fish Department, said the season is open only in unit 4-A – located in the far southwestern corner of the state.

A total of 250 any-pronghorn licenses are available and the season is split into an early “bow-only” portion and a later “gun-bow” season. The bow-only portion is from Aug. 29 (noon) until Sept. 28. The gun-bow portion will be from Oct. 3 (noon) until Oct. 19.

“While some people may have expected more units to be open, we need to proceed conservatively with this valuable wildlife resource and let pronghorns rebound to a level the can sustain harvest,” Kreil said. “The good news is that we are poised to see additional units open next year, providing Mother Nature cooperates with a moderate winter.”

Statistics indicate a statewide population of 5,700 pronghorn, with 1,650 in the area open to hunting. Only North Dakota residents are eligible to apply for the 2014 pronghorn license.