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Piglets scattered for several miles along I-29 near Buxton after falling out of truck

BUXTON, N.D. – Piglets were falling out of a truck and onto Interstate 29 for several miles near here Wednesday until the driver eventually noticed, the North Dakota Highway Patrol said.

There were “dead pigs all over the road,” Sgt. Greg Smith said.

The driver of the 2014 Volvo truck was apparently unaware that piglets he was transporting from Winnipeg to Iowa were tumbling out of the vehicle about 11 a.m.

“They were kind of scattered for several miles,” Smith said of the piglets.

The Traill County Sheriff’s Office was first to respond. The Highway Patrol followed and “scooped up all the deceased pigs,” Smith said.

It is unclear whether the piglets were alive or dead before dropping onto the interstate at high speed.

The Highway Patrol recovered 12 piglets in total, Smith said. There were no crashes as a result of the piglets on the road, though running over one of them could have been dangerous, he said.