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Ralph's Corner - through the beers

Ralph's Corner has always had a colorful clientele and history to match.

- 1903 - The Moorhead Weekly reports a Goldmine Jug House chef named Howard incurs the wrath of Game Warden William Secor for selling two ducks. Howard pleads guilty and pays a $10 fine.

- January 1981 - Frustrated with the formality of getting a gallery exhibit, Moorhead photographer Wayne Gudmundson nails photos on the wall and issues invites that say only, "Gudmundson is at Ralph's." The show opening is a success, though the artist now says, "I remember the first half of that night." To this date, Gudmundson includes Ralph's Corner on his resume itinerary of exhibits.

- 1986 - Bartender Dylan Onefeather runs for Cass County sheriff under the slogan "Give the people what they want ... One sheriff - Onefeather." The convicted felon came in last, getting just 268 votes, and died the following year. The "Wanted and Needed" campaign poster still hangs behind the bar.

- May 1992 - After arguing money with Kirby Kuklenski at his namesake bar across Main Avenue, the Minneapolis band Farm Accident moves across the street to play Ralph's, beginning 13 years of touring bands rocking the back room.

- August 1994 - Touring behind their debut, "World of Noise," Everclear performs at the Moorhead nightspot. Eight months later the band scores a bona fide hit with "Santa Monica." "It was like playing someone's rec room," singer/guitarist Art Alexakis recalled nine years later in a Forum interview.

- October 1994 - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

- April 1995 - Yo La Tengo

- May 1995 - Southern Culture on the Skids

- December 1995 - Fargo's Meat Records releases "Bob: Live at Ralph's." The tape, named after family bartender Bob Wood, is a benefit for a sound system in the back room at the bar and features Ralph's regulars Orange 17, Bossk, John Smith, Gummy, Standard, Superfly Snuka, Black Eyed Susan, 7 O'clock Sucker, Against, Pawnee's Campers and Bootlick.

- November 1997 - In a profile of the seven best jukeboxes in town, Forum writer Chuck Klosterman refers to Ralph's music machine as such: "In a purely sonic sense, this is the best machine in town. ... If a juke has music by Uncle Tupelo and Superchuck (sic) (as well as flashback classics like "Exile on Main Street" and Blondie's "Greatest Hits"), it's safe to assume the establishment is going to draw bushels of Grain Belt-swilling slackers."

- July 1998 - Green Day cancels its Fargodome show after drummer Tre Cool injures his foot. Still in town for the evening, singer Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and a Samoan bodyguard meet and greet fans at Ralph's.

- June 2000 - Underground darlings The White Stripes play in support of its second disc, "De Stijl," featuring "You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)." A year later the duo's LEGO-led video wins three MTV Video Music Awards. In February 2004, the group wins two Grammy Awards.

- October 2004 - Country torch singer and critics' favorite Neko Case plays the back room in support of "Blacklisted," an album Rolling Stone praises for its "mix of alternative-country music and film-noir sensibility" in a three-star review. The chanteuse praised the crowd, but was heard cursing the venue as she walked out the back door.