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Review: Cleaning pads really are ‘magic erasers’

FARGO – When I faced the daunting task of cleaning my old apartment from floor to ceiling after moving out, a few things helped: two of my best friends who were willing to lend their elbow grease, vinegar and Up&Up Multi-Use Eraser Pads.

The pads are the Target brand’s version of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which really works like a “magic eraser.” The pads are made of melamine foam, which works as an effective abrasive cleaner.

The pads are soft to the touch but work like very fine sandpaper, getting into otherwise neglected nooks, cracks and crannies. They remove scuff marks, dirt, soap scum, crayon, marker and most other stubborn stains.

Target charges $2.89 for a box of four, and they go a long way. You simply wet and squeeze each pad, scrub and repeat. They sometimes leave a light residue behind, so you might want to touch up your work with the swipe of a paper towel. The pads eventually break apart and disintegrate, but you can still use the leftover pieces for detail jobs.

My cleaning crew and I used them on pen and pencil marks from hanging artwork, the range hood of the oven, the fridge and freezer and more.

Bottom line: This is one product that lives up to its name, and I plan to buy a new box to keep my new apartment free of marks.

Meredith Holt

Meredith Holt is a Forum features reporter whose topics of interest include women's issues, social issues and mental health. You can read her twice-monthly column on health and fitness, weight loss (and gain) and body image in VarietyShe also does page design and copy editing, which she did for six years prior to joining the features staff in March 2012.

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