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VIDEO: Students react to Ed Schultz sandbag "slave labor" comment

FARGO - The volunteer help at Sandbag Central has been gaining national media attention since it began but some, not always positive.

National TV and radio host Ed Schultz is attacking Fargo, claiming the city uses students for "slave labor."

Shocking claims are slamming sandbagging students in Fargo.

"To call someone a slave, that's really offensive," said Riley Wilhelm, a Cheney 8th Grader.

This after media man Ed Schultz, blasted these 8th graders hard work.

"It's fun, not slaves," said Dawson Anderson, a Cheney 8th Grader:

Schultz saying the students fill bags "so the wealthy people don't have to pay for a dike."

"We're not slaves. We're volunteers, just coming to help, giving our time to save our town," Wilhelm said.

"These kids were just so enthusiastic," Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker. "They got fed really well, they had a good time, they had music, and so forth."

These students are not forced to fill sandbags, if they want, they can stay behind at school and do work.

"All these kids want to come here, so they're volunteers," said Michael Shea, Cheney Assistant Principal.

Volunteers more than willing to do their part.

"I just decided to help my city and see what I could do," Wilhelm said.

Schultz used to work in Fargo as a sports broadcaster, and still has a home in Detroit Lakes.