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Wars are crimes against humanity

Again this past Memorial Day, we heard claims that we fought wars to protect America and preserve our freedoms. These are common claims, but are they true? Were our freedoms endangered by the Afghans? The Iranians? The Vietnamese?

True, two of those wars were supposed to be part of the “war on terror,” and terror supposedly threatens our freedom. But even 9/11, as terrible as it was, did not threaten our freedoms as a nation, though our reaction to that event has seriously eroded our freedoms, and continues to do so.

So why do we propagate and swallow these lies to ourselves about our wars? Why paint a nimbus of noble purpose on senseless wars? Maybe we just can’t face the brutal fact that our leaders misled us into stupid, pointless wars. Maybe we are afraid to tell the young people and their families, those who died, or came back physically or emotionally maimed, or both, that our nation did not need protecting, and that our warring stirs up hatred against us. Do we really honor those who gave their lives by perpetuating and accepting lies?

Many came back to a nation willing to send them into war but unwilling to care for them adequately when they returned. They suffered the consequences of our wars, not to mention the incredible suffering our warring imposed on other peoples, while the leaders, Republican and Democrat, who led us into war suffer no consequences. They should be tried for crimes against humanity, but, of course, they will not because that would entail facing the truth that those wars were crimes against humanity.