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Weather Talk: Deadly blizzard occurred 30 years ago today in F-M

It was 30 years ago today that area residents woke up to the aftermath of one of the worst blizzards in modern history.

Feb. 4, 1984, started off mild and sunny, although there was a travel advisory issued for an expected drastic change in the weather later that day. It was a Saturday, meaning many people were traveling to and from Fargo and other communities to do some shopping.

That afternoon, about 1 inch of snow fell over a slightly crusted 12 inches of snow as the previous days had been around freezing. But suddenly the wind picked up and a wall of white enveloped Fargo-Moorhead, with the wind gusting around 70 mph. That strong wind quickly scoured the thin crust on the snow cover, making for 16 hours of severe blowing snow.

With near-zero visibility and travelers quickly trying to get home, many ended up stranded and spent the night trapped in their vehicles. Tragically, four people died of carbon monoxide poisoning on 19th Avenue North in Fargo during the night.

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