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Weather Talk: Death Valley record just a rare weather situtation

On Sunday, the Furnace Creek weather station in Death Valley, Calif., recorded a high temperature of 89 degrees. This was the first August day with a high temperature below 90 degrees since 1984 and broke the daily record low maximum temperature by 15 degrees.

Early Sunday morning, the weather was typically hot with temperatures in the upper 80s. But it was cloudy, which is very rare. Thick clouds from decayed thunderstorms were blowing in from the southeast, the only direction without a mountain range to block the weather.

The clouds persisted and eventually rain showers developed. The rain-cooled air kept the temperature from rising all day. 

On social media, many people have been taking advantage of this unusual record to suggest that this weather either proves or disproves their political opinions regarding climate change. Both political sides were equally involved. But it actually proves nothing. It was just a rare weather situation.  After all, the same thing happened in 1984. 

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