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Weather Talk: It's more humid in our region than it used to be

For the first time this year, dew point temperatures the past couple of days have been well into the 60s, making the air feel more humid than it has since last summer.  This has not been truly high humidity. Dew point temperatures in the 70s represent high humidity. Dew points above 75 degrees are when it is really sticky. Dew points of 80 degrees or above are uncommon in the Northern Plains but would be considered very high humidity just about any place in the world.  Most of our humid weather happens in July and August.  Over the past two or three decades in our region, the average summertime humidity as well as the number of very humid days has been increasing. Plainly put, it is more humid around here than it used to be. An increase in average rainfall has increased humidity as well as soil moisture.  Another reason is increased evapotranspiration from robust soybean and corn crops replacing wheat and barley. 

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