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Weather Talk: July temperatures were slightly below average

The month of July in Fargo- Moorhead has gone down in the record book as a cool and dry month. The average high temperature was 80.5 degrees, which is 2.0 degrees below average. The average low was 58.3 degrees, which is just 0.2 degrees below average. 

The highest temperature recorded in July was 93 degrees on July 20 and 21.  The coolest was 49 degrees on the 3rd and 15th. So July was cooler than average but only slightly.

Rainfall for July was 1.64 inches, which is 1.15 inches below the average of 2.79 inches. The heaviest rainfall was 0.71 inches on the 10th.    Since July 22, a mere 0.36 inches of rain has fallen at the official rain gauge at Hector International Airport, which is the reason our yards and gardens are drying out even though we are above average on precipitation for the year, the growing season, and the summer. 

Even following a wet period, it only takes about three weeks of dry weather for our topsoil to dry out and form cracks. 

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